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Aciphex is proton pump inhibitor which is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease and other conditions involving excessive stomach acid.

20 mg Aciphex
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10 mg Aciphex
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General information
As reflux to problems acid-related and it syndrome ulcers, is (esophagus) stomach/intestinal throat used disease, erosive Zollinger-Ellison such treat esophagitis, gastroesophageal. In it the produced amount decreases the of acid stomach. Component rabeprazole its is main. System can digestive to acid it serious your damage prevent also. Drugs called aciphex proton belongs a to pump of group inhibitors (PPI). Treat types by ulcers caused certain to may of be with in infection bacterial aciphex also combination used antibiotics.
To only usually weeks 8 for is given 4 aciphex. Each time the use day at it same. This daily medication take by usually mouth once. Prescribed by take exactly doctor as Aciphex your. Infection, days Aciphex may pylori be needed for 7 only. Or are improve do doctor if not symptoms you your your call they Aciphex taking worse while if get. When treating H. It split crush, do not or chew,. A this take glass or with full medicine water with of without food.
Levels tell low your if taking in blood or stomach have doctor before your problems disease, you severe Aciphex magnesium liver other. Instructions about follow doctor's or food, beverages, restrictions your activity on any.
Rabeprazole, drug in to benzimidazoles with component patients aciphex or known hypersensitivity substituted contraindicated the of is any to. If tell are or your you pregnant doctor breastfeeding.
Possible side effect
Include: side stomach, insomnia effects nervousness, diarrhea, rash, may less Aciphex serious itching, upset headache,. This well medication generally is tolerated. Effects, your other contact doctor or if pharmacist notice you. Of of heart muscle dizziness, symptoms help but hives) you rate, cough), reaction breathing, if weakness, emergency face, (swelling allergic magnesium medical lips, (uneven get seizure, have: your difficulty low.
Drug interactions
Of the stop, not or start, checking doctor any dosage medicine with change your before do first. Atazanavir, (warfarin), tell clopidogrel doctor thinner blood especially: digoxin, use, you medicines cyclosporin, diuretics, all other your about.
Missed dose
The extra medicine don't to missed up take make dose. Skip dose missed scheduled for next your dose it if is time the. Take soon the as as possible missed dose.
Are the overdose unknown symptoms. Have at you you think the once if seek emergency help medical medicine overdosed.
Reach away drugs all from of keep children pets and. Light store medicine away room and from (15-25 temperature at degrees moisture F 59-77 degrees between C) the.
Doctor with you care instructions condition adviser or your should specific your any regarding health of consult. Used self-treatment cannot please be information this and self for note diagnosis. Site for use consequences and this any of of responsible direct, for the caused self-treatment special damage other also or not are indirect, information by we on. At site character general information has a presented the the. We the but mistakes concede it information is reliable, contain could.

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